Sunday, August 8, 2010

Compulsions of urban livelihoods

City dwelling mynahs probably adapt themselves in myriad ways to their surroundings. After all, trees and shrubs are hard to come by in concrete jungles. Here is how two different families have settled in a bustling highway. Family One - our immediate neighbours - have a small dwelling, and the address line 1 reads - Telephone Post No 2, Road No 220 North.

Family One's distant cousins have a cozy apartment a few kilometres away, in an underpass below a railway line. You can see that they have plenty of neighbours, and there are plenty more apartments yet to be let out. If you were writing to them, use this address - Apt # B322, Bijwasan Underpass, Ring Road.

Plenty of bird baths placed by concerned members of a different species make their days that much easier.
As you can see, we had dropped by, and Ms Mynah wouldn't let us get a word in edgeways.
You may like to visit one of our other neighbours. We have since moved.
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