Sunday, July 19, 2009

Identify this organic item

Born and bred in the city, and guilty of contributing to a city's woes, I always look forward to visiting rural areas and villages. In this year's summer sojourn to Kerala in South India, a walk through riverside overgrowth revealed some 'secrets'. Ha! (it's open knowledge for natives, but to me it was new).
I invite you to tickle your grey cells and identify what's pictured above. There's a hint (of sorts) in the picture below.

Answers on Thursday (23 July)

Proud of my world, just as others are

Update on 23 July
Most had identified right, at least by name. That intricately networked fibre is the xylem of the ridged gourd. (the sponge-like brush made from mesh-like fabric that comes with shower-gels is also called luffa / loofah though). Here is a picture showing half-dried gourds the soon-to-be organic luffas.
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Thursday, July 9, 2009

This kid needed company!

... and we were vacation strollers passing by, with ears perfectly tuned to nature-in-rustic-surrounds. So we easily heard him call out. He is no different from a pup or a playful kitten - no wonder he's a kid too! Mummy-goat was munching away in the vicinity, and it would be a while before they went home.

Place - Annanad, Chalakudy, Kerala, India
Enjoy many more camera critters

Camera Critters

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Reflections, and a wash in the river

Place - At Chalakudy river in Annanad, Kerala, India
Enjoy many more camera critters

Camera Critters