Monday, August 24, 2009

Airport Restaurant menu - Beware!

In May this year, a friend's flight was delayed in Mumbai by nearly 8 hours (the airline revealed the delay(s) in gradual 2/1.5/2/1.5 hour slots). With a hungry kid in tow, they found the waiting time irksome. Assuming that the airline was likely to be considerate enough to provide some options for a snack to 'valued' passengers, they decided to find out.
Apparently the airline did, and the passengers - just the few who took the trouble to approach the staff - were told that they could visit a certain eat-out adjacent to the lounge and take away snack worth at the most Rs 800 (about US$16).
They were bemused -to say the least - when they tried to 'digest' the rates listed in the restaurant's menu card. One decent tummy-satisfying meal would have cost them no less than Rs 1200 (about US$25), which is Big Deal for the average non-business non-leisure Indian traveller. That's why many prefer to travel across India, in comfort by train for that princely amount.
For the delay that extended nearly over 2 meal sessions, the airline decided that the 'whining' passengers could make do with a light snack!

(Each item is priced at 8 times its average worth elsewhere)
This in a nation where hundreds of millions subsist on half a dollar a day.
That's one of the less bright sides of my developing world. Discover plenty of other worlds.


  1. I can't imagine an 8hr delay. Then again I wonder how long the train ride would have been. I guess we just have to weigh the pros and cons then hope for the best. :-)

  2. I can't believe an airline wouldn't know how much the food costs. It's like that in any airport I've ever been in. Time for your friend to make a bigger complaint.

  3. Flight delays are hard on everyone but especially kids. I enjoyed looking at the menu. Thanks for sharing.

  4. That does sound very miserly. Flying Emirates through Dubai we were given a first ckass stop over in a brand new hotel with meal vouchers for anything we wanted to eat for three meals and all because there was a 10 hr. wait for our connecting flight! What a contrast.

  5. This is really bad. The airline should take care of their passengers in a better way.

  6. Well, it may be argued that airport meals are for people who are flying / trying to fly. Not the bulk of the population subsisting on half-a-dollar-a-day!

    Also, maybe the chefs are cooking using Jet Fuel instead of cooking gas, or even cooking oil!

    Ever since my nerd friend told me she carries chilli-powdered idlis with her and feasts on them at the Singapore Airport, on her way from Saidapet, Chennai, to San Jose, CA, I have been doing the same anytime I fly.

  7. So long as there are passengers who buy the outrageously priced airport food, without a murmur, because they dont want to appear "cheap" while flying, those cafes will keep the rates flying high.....and speaking of the airlines' attitude towards their passengers,i'd say zoo-keepers have a shade more respect towards their wards ! :-(


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