Monday, February 22, 2010

Drive out of the maddening city is definitely worth it,

...won't you agree? - finding yourself by this lakeside,...,...with the right patch of green, ...... and with some very pleasant company, ......watching the tree-tops, sunlight filtering through the foliage, ...... and the crescent moon making an early appearance in the clearest of true blue skies, ...... yes, definitely worth it!
Where? - Keetham Lake within Sur Sarovar Bird Sanctuary near Agra, which also houses the restricted and protected Agra Bear Rescue Facility
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  1. I long to be there too!
    Great shots!!

  2. Oh, how lovely and what a wonderful place to be -- away from the maddening crowds! I love your captures! Hope you have a wonderful week!


  3. the doggies are soo cute.

  4. Lovely and serene!
    I love watching kids and dogs playing together.

  5. A patch of green is so valuable. For many years we were the only place with a back yard among our friends. Of course, we became "party central"!


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