Sunday, January 25, 2009

Mandu - Jahaz Mahal (Ship Palace)

One of the most prominent medieval sites in Mandu, Madhya Pradesh is the Royal Encalve that dates to the 15th century. Jahaz Mahal (Number 11 in the map of Mandu fort) is a sprawling structure built on a narrow strip of land between two water bodies. Extensive reconstruction is under way, and the place now includes even a children's play area.
The palace is built between the Munj and Kapur water bodies, and its dimensions help in giving the viewer the impression of that of a ship in anchor, hence the name.

There is a modest archeaological museum (Taveli Mahal) which had me wondering why I had school lessons on Spanish Civil War and the American War of Independence instead of soaking up all this medieval glory.

Hindola Mahal (Swinging Palace) - noted for the sloping walls. (Number 9 in the map of Mandu fort)

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  1. Wow those are impressive, thanks so much for sharing.

    Regina In Pictures

  2. Absolutley fascinating pictures and information, such a different world to mine.

  3. Fascianting and beautiful world, full of historical content.

  4. you always show us such lovely places in your world!

  5. This architecture is so grand. Gone is the art of such magnificent masonry. Great captures. Very interesting post.
    Thanks for sharing a piece of your world.

  6. Neatly composed, well taken pics. Thank you for sharing. You (too) travel lots?

    This Raja too stays in Royal Enclave, in a housing board Castle, in Chennai :)


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