Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Wordless Wednesday - Guess this item!

Wordless Wednesday - Jan 13 edition.
Guess the item. Would love to see your inputs! Let your imagination run wild....
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Will put up the answer Jan 14 at 4:30 pm GMT :)
PS - (updated as promised)
Here's the answer - bangle holder! Thanks for all those guesses.
Hope you had as much fun as I did :). One of Raji's guesses on the mark!


  1. My first guess would be mini-hotdog pillows :) My second guess - padded pencil cases?
    Happy WW.

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  2. Make-up cases! or Olai-chuvadi holders (?)

  3. Cases for your glasses? Happy WW:)

  4. Nice, festive colours. are they bangle holders? Or maybe pencil cases/

  5. Well, my daughters use them as color pencil bags. :)

  6. Thank all, for your comments.
    Simple bangle holders, and of great use to us Indian women!

  7. I thought womenfolks hands are the bangle holders..?


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