Monday, February 23, 2009

When in Manali...

When in Manali - get familiar with local stuff.
Angoora (rabbit wool) shawls. It's possible to see busy looms weaving away if you visit on week-days.
The finest of these shawls can easily pass through a finger-ring, and cost upwards of Rs 80,000.
One of the older factories at KulluThe shop at Naggar palace, where Subhash cheerfully shared secrets of the different varieties of shawls and cautioned "Take care to look for genuine local produce, not bulk items shipped up from factories in the nearest cities"
Another showroom on the way to Manikaran
The traditional headgear Manali native - of late, the sunglasses are part of the costume. Several ladies like Bimla carry a set of costumes including traditional jewellery for couples to try out. (Be wary - rates vary from Rs 10 in the late evenings to Rs 250 to the gullible non-native)We are dismal shoppers, but very happy to watch the items on offer, and gave in to some fascinating palate-ticklers at a cooperative outlet on the main street at Manali.Sun-dried apple - can be used along with other vegetable preparations, we were told.
Apple pickle - once I got over the taste of mustard oil that is a favourite in North India, I didn't mind the mildly sweet flavour.
Lingri pickle - Lingri is a fern variety and is a popular local vegetable. We initially saw only 1/2 kg bottles; at our third visit, the lad finally consented to part with smaller packs.
Handmade jute-and-wool footwear (Rs 60 a pair) Take a leisurely world tour here


  1. Wonderful post about the textiles. My goodness - a shawl so fine it can pass through a finger ring? Amazing!

  2. Swarna: What a neat look into the textiles of your world.

  3. They really are wondrous textiles. The colours ans textures always so vibrant and intricate in detail. Real craftmanship/

  4. thanks for taking me shopping with you. that was fun. i like their shawls and their fabrics, very detailed.

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  5. What a lovely shopping trip! Beautiful textiles. Your photos are lovely! Thanks for sharing!

  6. What a wonderful post! I would dearly love one of those ring shawls. The textiles are so beautiful and the pickles sound appetizing too.

  7. Those shawls must be amazingly fine and soft. Thanks for taking us shopping with you!

  8. 80,000? That is exorbitant!
    I liked that sunglasses are part of the costume there. :)

  9. Ah, Angora is so soft and sensual. The shawls look light in weight and full of color. They must be expensive.
    I also like the bright colors of the wool/jute.
    Thank you for taking us shopping, these textiles, and captures, and great.

  10. Interesting post and fabulous shawls, so colourful.


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