Thursday, March 5, 2009

Shelf-hopping, window-shopping

Accompanied a neighbour to a function at our children's school, and we stopped on our way back for her to look for purposeful gift items. You'll be glad I had my camera by me, won't you?Lord Krishna in brass
A brass conch used during puja (worship) (You can guess how over-zealous my camera was!)
A low chair...
...that can easily be folded to stow away. (noted the hooks at the sides in the previous image?)
Typical musician set
Complete living room needs!
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  1. wow great pictures , they look so amazing I would buy them

  2. I love the last chest. Very cool!

  3. I love to window shop. All of these items are very nice and would really make a home look snazzy!

  4. What an amazing place. Interesting chair.

  5. i love the last chest...pretty and colorful

  6. What an interesting place. Looks like you enjoyed your window shopping. Thanks for having your camera close at hand.

  7. What a fun outing! I love that chair!!

  8. The idea of a folding chair like that is pretty neat.
    Granted I have seen folding chairs before but none that fold in *that* way. I guess it kind of makes sense though ;-)

  9. That looked like fun! What a cool store-thanks for sharing. I love black stacked boxes. I would definitely buy that!


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